angels21k (angels21k) wrote,

Insomniac ravings.

Just ignore if you don't want to read the ramblings of an wrinkly who is sleep deprived and nauseated from her chemo - I can't do cuts etc.

So, instead of tossing & turning in bed   I decided to get up & watch TV. THe Golden Globes were on ( & good luck to 'A Single Man') and was waiting for the ceremony when I realised it would be hours yet. What we, the viewers, were gifted with was the view of the celebrity cake walk. Okay. but after 10 minutes I was seething.

There is the horror which is Haiti, eat or heat in the UK, war in Afghanistan, Iraq and starvation in 3rd world countries, almost world wide recession, grasping, greedy bankers /politicians and if I heard "And who are you wearing?" one more time, I would throw up, (Mind you, that may happen anyway. Hmm.)

What I would give for someone, anyone, to say "Oh this? It's Marks & Spencer or  J.C. Penney."

Between the 1000s of dollars spent on an outfit - for a single wearing - & the goodie bags given out, well, I despair & could scream.

Right. Rant over. I shall just take a cup of ginger tea to bed & seethe, but quietly. And, yes, I know life isn't fair, but good grief - where is sensitivity and compassion?


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