Am losing the fight here, Night Nurse has won. So, before I do a Rodney & faceplant on my laptop, I'm away to bed BUT

A Happy New Year ro you all. May it be filled with every good thing you could possibly wish for.

Night night.


Just Wondering

I wonder if the Nobel Committee has heard of Henry Ford, he of the black cars? He once said,"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

As I said,just wondering



I'm now the proud possessor of Sky +. Can't believe it & am exploring all the techno thingies. Trying to record both Life & Tinman - the latter as a series. Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks? Me probably tomorrow morning when I discover they haven't taken.

Still, I have managed to 'do' my fave stations. Technology? Bring it on!

Thursday blues

It's dark, raining, cold. I've done the washing, cleaned the house and had coffee with a friend.There's a homemade cottage pie in the oven for dinner, spiced apples bubbling away and Criminal Intent on the TV. Life is good.

(no subject)

Just seen jfkluge's latest sale offer. Please, folks, be careful. 5 years ago, I commissioned a painting from her, paying $1800 for  it up front. Stupid, I know, but she sounded so nice on the phone and was a fellow fan. You can trust fans, can't you? Well not this one. You can guess the rest. I received zip. Nada. E-mails unanswered and I'm even banned from her lj.

I would hate anyone else to be taken in by her, Beautiful artwork, shame about the morals - or lack thereof.

But as Blair would say, what goes around, comes around and until that day I merely wish that no-one else  is made a patsy ...oh yes, and that the fleas of a thousand camels inhabit her armpits!


I've tried

Well...I sort of watched SGU.  You have to give things a chance before blasting at them. I gave it a chance and -no, no, no.

It's dark both physically as in a Ridley Scott kind of way,  and the way the writers would have you believe that no - they have not been influenced by BSG . It's so totally humourless ( apart from that wonderful little RDA scene ) and if RC would settle on just one accent I would be most grateful. Wunderkind is okay not one other character jumped off the page, as it were. Ho hum.

On the good side Bones is back tomorrow!! Yay!!

Good grief

Heard on the radio that there is a chance that the wonderful Paul Bettany's new film stands a good chance of not being shown in US cinemas. Why? Because it's about Darwin.

PLease say this isn't so.


So there  was I helping to clear/clean the home of a much missed friend - when I fell down three stairs. That's all - 3!  So how come I now have a swollen & multi-coloured left ankle, a puffy right knee ( Called 'The New One) and a left arm I can only get above my head with the help of my right hand.

There are times when I think the fates are against me. Ho hum.

On the good side, at least I can read my Maggie Furey.



Here goes. Saw HP 6 - somewhat disappointed & - dare I say it? - bored.  Think teenage angst with magic instead of zits. (A lady the row behind was actually snoring! )
Mind you, could be because health treatment sucks greatly at the mo. & is colouring my view of life. Thank heavens for friends.